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December 6, 2023

Shay (Heitz) Grinsell a 1989 graduate of Circle High School. She left the round town to Eastern Montana College (MSU-Billings). She got her teaching degree and was a principal/educator for 18 years when she decided she wanted to own a business. She is co-owner of the Broadwater Quick Stop in Billings, which of late has been getting a lot of public attention. Sinclair stations across the nation are known for the green long necked dinosaur that is stationed near the establishment. Shay's station had Dino the Dinosaur vandalized, however, a newly improved and repaired Dino has found its way home. They had a grand celebration for the dinosaurs return to the City of Billings. Shay states her biggest obstacle has been big corporations trying to squeeze out small businesses. Inflation, repairs and maintenance are also continuing struggles. I asked Shay what is funniest thing that has happened thus far and her response was, "There are so many from the convenience store, but if I had to name one, "meth makes people act funny!" When I asked Shay if she could speak to anyone dead or alive, she would talk with her Grandma and Granpa Heitz, and Fern-saying they had so much knowledge that she didn't take from them. She would prefer an apple over an orange. Her motto to live by is "Be fabulous". Asking Shay if there was anything she would like to share with the readers, she said "Being raised in a small town like Circle is what made me who I am today." I remember loving the fact that many of the kids that were in my kindergarten class were there when we were seniors. That is something that some or most kids don't experience anymore. I also remember that everyone always worked hard when we were growing up! That is still the root of what I believe in today, hard work, kindness and having fun. Those values were prominent in our culture In Circle." I, for one, remember having many laughs with Shay. The small-town wonder is our mothers were friends in high school as were we. Not many kids can say that. I will say it again - there is nothing like the Circle of a small town. So if you find yourself in Billings in need of a soda or gas, stop by the Broadwater Quick Stop. Support our small town and big city business owner. Welcome home Dino!!


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