Anyone can love the mountains, but it takes a soul to love the pairie

Lela Beth Sigmundstad

Lela Beth Sigmundstad ran into Jesus' arms on October 1, 2023, unexpectedly to us, but with no fear of Heaven.

Lela was born in Circle to Jacob and Mildred (Tew) Jensen on February 20th, 1952, she joined an extraordinary family that wouldn't have been complete without her.

Small in stature all her life, she was a giant in heart and spirit. She was a much bigger deal than she ever knew.

With six older siblings and one younger (Jerry, Neil, Bob, Jack, Karen, Anne and Jim), the stories of the Jensen kids are legendary, and a heritage we all treasure.

Life on a farm suited her personality, and she relished the days of a horseback ride to her favorite spot with a good book and a sleeve of saltine crackers. Spunky and strong, she recalled days of tossing small bales, winning barrel and pole races on her horses, and an occasional round of Indian leg-wrestling! She was a good mixture of fiesty and sweet.

Early on, she showed a special gift for music. More than a few times she'd find herself dragged out of bed by her big brother, Bob, to 'play a few songs you know' for he and his buddies. Her brother, Jack, once admitted, "She could've made it to Nashville, but we were selfish and kept her to ourselves." Nashville or not, she was famous in her own right, especially amongst her family. No gathering was complete without her voice and guitar leading the band and lighting the dancing feet of family and friends.

Her talent and beautiful voice captured hearts at dances, weddings, church, and funerals (not to mention a back porch or two), and combined to give us a heritage of song that won't stop playing in our hearts.

Beyond music, her heart's desire and passion were for Jesus and her family. She dedicated her life to be a blessing to her devoted husband of 50 years, Dave, and her children Rafe (Melissa), Jason (Elisa), and Erin (Ryan). Her grandchildren (Rachel, Lexi, Blake, Gabe, Allison, Graham, McKenzie, Kimber, and Jace) were extremely precious to her and she cherished watching them grow up.

Lela was a woman who defined selflessness, caring, and unwavering love. There was never a bad time to talk to her, or a problem too big for her and Jesus to help you with. She'd talk you through it, then pray you through it! She always had time for prayer.

We knew her as an encourager and a giver. The Danish side of her provided the stubborn streak that didn't mind a challenge.

Lela was a homemaker, a teacher, a preacher, a goat herder and a wildflower.

Heaven got even brighter when it gained her beautiful smile and that irresistible twinkle in her blue eyes. Her cousin, Clint, figures they were having a big dance and needed her to lead the music.

We'll trust Jesus to help us through the dimmer world you left behind, Mom, knowing you're singing and dancing with Him and the loved ones gone before.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. at the Assembly of God Church in Circle.


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