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Blazing Guns at Roaring Gulch play written by Schubert Fendrich

Sunday April 23rd and Monday April 24th the Circle High School Auditorium was alive with all class play "Blazing Gun at Roaring Gulch". The play takes place in the lobby of the Roaring Gulch Hotel. Harry Heartstone(Kaleb Nay), is in pursuit of the villain, Snipe Vermin(Kaleb Nay). The hero and villain are twin brothers that meet face to face in a gunfight in the closing minutes of the show. The play had many interesting characters roles such as Willie Lovelace(Leah Beery), the lady sheriff of Roaring Gulch; the Widow Black(Ashley Leeson), evil proprietress of the hotel; Martha Muldoon,(Kaitlyn...


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