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Rural Rumors Dispelled: McCone County Sheriff's Report

April 4-17th

Apr 4 to April 17

16:37 Animal Complaint Livestock 2304040004 HWY 253 MM 28-29. BLACK COWS OUT. . Disposition: Completed.

20:51 Traffic Hazard 2304040005 Occurred at Hwy 200 MM 281. Initial call 911 at 20:46 saying Volkswagon Jetta on Glendive highway that has been driving in both lanes last 10 miles . Pulling into the cstore. Kept on phone and radioed 41-2 & 41-4. They responded that they pulled up to the vehicle. Driver was tired. No alcohol detected . Disposition: completed.

09:04 Controlled Burn 2304050004 Occurred on Skull Creek Rd, in Brockway. Disposition: Completed.

12:07 Road Closure...


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