Rural Rumors Dispelled: McCone County Sheriff's Report

March 21--April 3


April 12, 2023

Mar 21 to Apr 3

Tuesday Mar 21: * Report of a Drunk Driver that left a property in Dawson County with unknown direction of travel. Later in the morning, it was reported that the driver made it to his home in Glendive. *

Wednesday Mar 22: N/A

Thursday Mar 23:*911 Misdial. Child playing with phone. * Alcohol Catering Authorization for banquet at CCM * Training began for new CAD System for Dispatchers.

Friday Mar 24: *Training for Officers &Dispatchers *

Saturday Mar 25: *Early a.m. a driver reported hitting a trailer ramp on Hwy 200 somewhere by Brockway. He was given information to send Montana Highway Patrol an accident report. * Traffic Stop at mm 8 on Hwy 13. Verbal warning. * Traffic stop on Hwy 13. Warning issued for speed * Training for Officers & Dispatchers * Go Live with new system *

Sunday Mar 26: *Report of a semi that tipped load to one side that needed a tractor or skid steer. He found assistance from another trucker * Report of a female that showed up on someone's property up north that had slid off the road. An officer responded and did not locate her. He spoke with another resident who had taken her back to Poplar. *

Monday Mar 27: *Fingerprinting services * Controlled Burn *

Tuesday Mar 28: * Report of dead livestock at a local ranch that had been neglected. Information was turned over to the MT Dept of Livestock. * Civil complaint received regarding noise at an apartment building. * Controlled burn *

Wednesday Mar 29: * Call requesting recommendations on where to go for mental health support services. * Concealed weapon permit issued. * Fingerprinting services * Warrant Issued for Conditions Violation – Yates, Jesika. Original charges of: Driving Under Influence of Alcohol and Failure to Notify by Quickest Means * Report of a trespasser. This incident was a civil matter between a husband and wife. *Controlled burn x 2 *

Thursday Mar 30: *Report of an SUV swerving all over the road on Hwy 13 going towards Vida. Officers were dispatched, but they did not locate the SUV. * Concealed Weapon Permit issued *

Friday Mar 31: *Traffic Stop at 14th and B Ave. Warning given for a headlight out. * Report of a calf stuck in a fence. A local rancher went to check and did not find a calf. * Report of a suspicious vehicle sitting on a county road. The reporting party called back to say the vehicle left and headed towards Circle. *

Saturday Apr 1: * N/A

Sunday Apr 2: *Report of horses on Highway 13 at mm 39. Dispatch notified closest landowners with horses. * Tow truck dispatched for a pickup stuck on W Duck Creek Rd.

Monday Apr 3: * * Report of cows out by the new fertilizer plant. Dispatch notified the livestock owner. * Report from the McCone County Rd Dept that N Rock Creek Rd is beginning to wash away about a mile and a half from Highway 24. A notice was put on Facebook on the Sheriff's page and the Rock Creek Cabin Owner's Assoc page, and DES sent a Code Red notice to the area. * Controlled burn *


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