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Rural rumors Dispelled McCone County Sheriffs Report

Jan 24, 2023-Feb 6, 2023

Tuesday Jan 24:

*Alcohol Catering Authorization issued * Concealed Weapon Permit issued x 2 *

Wednesday Jan 25:

*Ambulance dispatched to a residence to transport a person to the health center * Report of a sick deer near the first bridge on Horse Creek Rd. An officer responded to take care of the animal. *

Thursday Jan 26:

*911 call 25 miles north of Glendive. The caller was transferred to Dawson County 911 * Report of dogs knocking over garbage. An officer responded to the residence of the dogs' owner. A verbal warning was given to the owner. *

Friday Jan 27:

*Controlled burn x 2 * 911 Hang-u...


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